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Sometimes a film sets up something big. A sequel? A trilogy? A whole franchise? Whilst some movies have been successful in their attempt to create one or more strong and faithful successors, not everyone can competently create a Star Wars, Godfather, or MCU. Others start off promising, even brilliant, but push their luck and keep making sequels in an attempt to get some quick cash, such as Die Hard and anything starring Jason Statham; they're great, then suddenly they're not.

Some ill-fated sequels can be good (though only marginally) in their own right, but when compared to their counterparts are nothing short of terrible, even disrespectful.

For the following list, we're going to focus on those movie sequels that didn't quite make the cut into "Well, that was a good idea" territory. Be them follow ups you may have missed (lucky you) and sequels everyone knows and universally hates, every entry on this list has let audiences down at one point or another.

The worst part of some of them is that they weren't even the last ones. Sometimes, they were merely the start of something altogether more awful and traumatising. Since every entry of this list could have been a horror sequel - Jason X, Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, to name a few - we're steering clear of the genre entirely, and saving it for another day.

Some spoilers follow.