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Some of the Justice League members have a reputation for being hot-headed. Green Arrow. Hawkman. Green Lantern. When Leaguers don't see eye-to-eye, it can get heated very quickly and come to blows.

However, nobody has clashed more with the League than Batman. The Dark Knight will never back down from a confrontation and will call out any member if he believes they are acting unprofessional, unethical, or they are just really annoying (cough cough Guy Gardner).

Occasionally, it's Batman who is in the wrong, which has forced the League to be at odds with him. Sometimes, Batman has a problem with a single member while other times, he picks a fight with the whole team.

These conflicts usually have the same result; Batman and his teammates have a heated argument, make a few threats here and there, someone throws a punch, but the quarrel ends with the group apologising and shaking hands.

But sometimes, the League causes some real damage to Batman. Not just physically. There are times where the League has shaken the Caped Crusader to his core on a psychological level. Over the years, the Justice League have managed to really hurt Batman, whether they meant to or not.